City Limits: Policy Shop: Power Plants, Pot Jobs, Plea Bargains and more

Back on Feb. 2, this column joked that Shaun Donovan had proposed a lengthy and detailed plan to fix just about everything in New York City except for the perennially disappointing New York Jets: Thanks to Donovan’s April Fools’ Day plan to recapture Gang Green’s Namathian glory by building Rich Kotite Stadium on Governors Island, that joke is now moot. On a serious note, however, Donovan last week issued a plan to rebuild the city’s arts sector that revolves around Donovan personally attending art and culture offerings in the city—something the current mayor has done very rarely. Beyond that symbolism, Donovan’s plan includes issuing health guidelines for reopening that take into account the unique needs of performance spaces, using vacated spaces for arts programming, conducting a promotional campaign to get patrons back into the art scene and tying the art sector into his plans for the school system, affordable housing and internships. (Donovan’s failure to link his NFL proposal to his arts plan by proposing that the entire Jets season be considered a piece of tragic performance art might go down as the butt fumble of this campaign year.)

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