Gotham Gazette: Advocates Press Democratic Mayoral Candidates on Drug Policy, Homelessness, and Policing Reform

Wiley, Donovan, and Morales pledged to remove police intervention from all responses related to homelessness, drug use, and mental health crises, but proposed different strategies, some more specific than others, for restructuring city government in order to increase its efficiency and reduce reliance on policing.

Donovan spotlighted his “15-minute neighborhoods” policy proposal, which would “make sure that every New Yorker, within 15 minutes of their front door, has emergency 24/7 mental health care available to them.”

Donovan also said he would establish greater coordination between city agencies. “Every time someone leaves Rikers, every time someone leaves the mental health wing of one of our hospitals, they [should be] directed immediately through a coordinated entry system, to the housing and services that they need, rather than what happens now, which is they fall through the cracks,” he said.

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