Grassroots Fundraising Toolkit

Shaun has a plan to repair, rebuild, and reimagine New York City, and New Yorkers from every borough are rallying behind him. But we’re up against some well-funded opponents in the race to be the next mayor of NYC, so Shaun’s counting on supporters like you to help strengthen our grassroots network as we enter the final stretch of the election.

Join our grassroots fundraising team by following the instructions below:

  • Follow this link to create your individual ActBlue fundraising page for Shaun For NYC. If you have an ActBlue account, you’ll need to log in. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one.

  • Create your custom URL. This will become the link you send to your friends, family, and network to encourage them to support Shaun, so we suggest creating a URL that you’ll remember easily. For instance, Shaun4NYC-MyNameHere.

  • Next, you can use our suggested page title and text, or you can write your own creative message about why you’re supporting Shaun and why others should, too!

  • When you’re ready to publish your page, click “Get Started” and you’re ready to start posting your custom page to social media, emailing and texting it to your network, and getting credit for all the great work you’re doing to support Shaun’s campaign! Tag us in your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts so Shaun can thank you for your support!



Can I see how much money I’ve raised for Shaun? Yes! You can check on your page here to see how much your link raised and how many people have contributed through your link.

I created my page — now what? Time to ask people to donate! You can ask anyone: friends, family members, your social media networks. And remember: any New Yorker who donates could have their contribution matched 6-to-1 by the city’s public matching program! Here’s an example of a short message you can use to get started:

Hi there! I’m supporting Shaun Donovan to be the next mayor of New York City. Shaun has the experience and expertise to lead our city out of the COVID-19 crisis, and he has a plan to make NYC a city that truly works for everyone.

I’m hoping you’ll join me by giving $10 or any amount today. If you use my personal ActBlue link, your donation will help me meet my personal fundraising goal. Can I count on you to chip in today?

I’m having trouble accessing my ActBlue Account. You can contact ActBlue Support directly and they’ll be happy to help you reset your password or answer any other questions you have!

I have another question not answered here. Reach out to [email protected] and we can help you out!