New York Daily News: Mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan debuts policy book, ‘Plan for the City of New York’

Political wannabes usually try to draw attention through clever ads, prominent endorsements and a smattering of policy ideas. New York City mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan is seeking to up the ante by releasing a bevy of policy proposals in book form.

His 204-page-long “Plan for the City of New York” covers everything from racial equity and criminal justice to transportation and climate change — and aims to cement Donovan’s place as the candidate of ideas in the packed Democratic primary for mayor.

His campaign planned this week to mail about 100 hard copies of the tome to journalists and other New Yorkers, along with e-book versions to members of the public, with more to follow.

It’s an old-school approach as rivals like Andrew Yang take to new online forums such as TikTok and Clubhouse.

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