New York Daily News: NYC mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan wants the city to be more elder-friendly

The city would boost services for the elderly under a “Bill of Rights for Aging New Yorkers” from mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan.

Donovan, who served in the administrations of both President Barack Obama and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, is setting his sights on one of the most politically active parts of the electorate as candidates in the crowded mayoral race roll out proposals aimed at addressing major challenges in the era of COVID-19, high crime rates and economic pain.

“Older residents have given so much of their lives in the service of building our city and our communities,” states Donovan’s report, shared Wednesday with the Daily News. “And yet, they are so often marginalized, lacking meaningful political power. It is our responsibility to listen to, understand, and advocate for this vital group of New Yorkers.”

The “rights” described in the report range from freedom from ageism to the right to a healthy life.

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