New York Daily News: The big idea: 8 top-tier NYC mayoral candidates tell how they’d help the people of New York

Since we’ve launched our campaign, we’ve introduced some of the most innovative and detailed policy proposals, totaling over 45,000 words on many topics, all of which to ensure that we create a city that works for all New Yorkers.

That said, my plan to create 15 Minute Neighborhoods across NYC is where all of our investments come together, and will have the largest impact on changing New York for the better.

If you live in a wealthy neighborhood, you already know what a “15 Minute Neighborhood” is — where everything is easily accessible to you, from good schools and grocers to great doctors and transportation. However, 15-minute neighborhoods should not only be available to the privileged. Every New Yorker deserves to have access to a great public school, fresh food, rapid transportation, a park, quality health care, and a chance to get ahead, all within 15 minutes of their front door.

This proposal would have a profound impact on the health and wellness of all New Yorkers, by making sure they have access to fresh food and quality healthcare. My plan will also bring affordable, high-speed internet access everywhere in New York City. This plan will build thriving neighborhoods across our city, and will make our city the safest and most connected city in the world.

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