The Plan for the City of New York


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In preparing this plan, we took as a starting point the simple notion that as we rebuilt from this crisis, we couldn’t settle for what New York City was before. We believe that New York can come back as a stronger, fairer, more equitable, more innovative city that works for everyone and gives each resident a chance to build a healthy, happy life. The plan elements included in this book are meant to provide a holistic, detailed picture of that New York—not the one we had before, but the one we should strive to create.

The policies outlined below and across this book are the result of a year-long effort to combine Shaun’s decades of government experience and policy knowledge with the guidance of over a hundred community advocates, scholars, business leaders, and policy experts from across the city and country. This edition of the Donovan Plan is organized by issue area—including Racial Equity, Health, Neighborhoods, Transportation, Jobs, Education, Criminal Justice, Housing, Aging, Climate, and Innovation—with a number of platforms still in development, including Arts & Culture, Immigration, Food Security, and LGBTQ issues.

The topic areas often refer to one another, forming bridges between sometimes seemingly disparate issues and calling attention to the cohesion that our city’s efforts must display if we hope to truly solve the problems that plague so many of our communities. In this way, they should be viewed not as separate pieces in a puzzle, but rather voices in conversation, responding to, commenting on, and building upon one another. They are a reflection of the ongoing discussion we aim to have with the people of this city.