March 11, 2021
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NEW YORK, NY — Today,  in light of the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct brought against Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan has called for the Governor to resign. 

“When the disturbing allegations against Governor Cuomo first came to light, I called for a fully independent investigation because survivors of sexual harassment and misconduct deserve to be heard and I had, and continue to have, the utmost confidence that Attorney General Letitia James will conduct a thorough investigation. But enough is enough. These absolutely credible claims made by brave women, as well as the recent nursing homes scandal, make it is painstakingly clear that Governor Cuomo lacks the moral authority to hold this office and cannot effectively manage the multiple crises gripping our city and state,” said NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan. “I do not make this call to score political points, and take seriously the importance of the Attorney General’s investigation. But it is time for the Governor to resign, and failing that, for the legislature to begin impeachment proceedings. Furthermore, as someone who has devoted my entire career to public service, it is deeply disappointing to see someone abuse their power in ways that both personally hurt women and potentially set back their careers or made them rethink committing to public service themselves. Public service is a privilege, one that I take very seriously, and anyone who has the opportunity to serve the public also has a responsibility to create a culture that is inclusive, welcoming, and safe for everyone involved, and Governor Cuomo has clearly failed to do that.”

Additional Background: 

Earlier this month, Donovan participated in a meet & greet session hosted by Downtown Nasty Women Social Group, Markers for Democracy, and the Wednesday Group. Shaun was introduced to the group by his wife and landscape architect Liza Gilbert, but before discussing his plans to help NYC recover, Shaun felt it important to first address Governor Cuomo’s disturbing sexual misconduct allegations.

Donovan Remarks at Cuomo Remarks Nasty Women and Markers for Democracy Meet & Greet  

“Your lifting your voices up is so incredibly important at this moment…I want to talk about [the picture] that was in the New York Times last night of Anna Ruch. Looking at Governor Cuomo’s hands on her shoulders, thinking about what Charlotte Bennett and Lindsey Boylan have said, which I believe, it reminds us that every single one of you that has lifted up your voices to ensure that women in this city and women in this country not only can speak, but are actually heard, is profoundly important,” said NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan. “And I say that as a father of two relatively young sons…And what you have done. What ‘time’s up’ has done. What the movement that we’ve seen these last few years has done has made them better people. What you’ve done has made me, as a man who has held enormous power — what you’ve taught me about being a better leader. And what you’ve taught me about how to listen to other women on my campaign team, frankly, and who’ve worked with me for years, who came back from job interviews where they were invited to men of power homes for job interviews and were sexually assaulted.

“We are at a moment of reckoning in this city, in this country, and I believe the work that you have done to lift up your voices has made this a better city, and a better country. So I just want to say that in front of my wife as well, who’s been an amazing partner to me but particularly for our sons, I think, has lifted her voice with them in a way that’s been powerful. So I’m going to pull myself together here and tell you a little bit about my run for mayor if that’s okay.”

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