January 22, 2021

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In response to our city’s desperate economic crisis, the first part of Mayoral candidate Donovan’s two-part Economic Recovery Platform addresses the urgent need to get New Yorkers back to work, ensures that the economy is fair and equitable, and offers all New Yorkers opportunities to build skills toward secure, well-paying jobs.

The plan establishes an NYC Jobs Corps, sets ambitious goals of 10,000 apprenticeships citywide and at least one paid career opportunity for each public school student, calls for a Chief Equity Officer in the mayor’s cabinet to set goals and measure progress toward economic justice, and outlines key investments in the innovative life sciences and climate adaptation sectors.

NEW YORK, NY Former Obama-Biden Administration Housing Secretary and Budget Director Shaun Donovan continued his Campaign of Ideas today by releasing the first part of his two-part Economic Recovery Platform, entitled A Jobs Plan that Rebuilds the Economy For All New Yorkers and focused on employment. The 4,000-word first installment outlines how the city can add 500,000 jobs for New Yorkers by the end of Donovan’s first term–an ambitious goal only attainable through Donovan’s comprehensive approach.

This plan comes just days after Donvan unveiled his proposal for Equity Bonds–providing $1,000 for every child in New York City and investing up to $2,000 a year per child, accessible upon high school graduation–that will level the playing field and end generational poverty as we know it. 

“New Yorkers have faced immense economic hardship as a result of the COVID pandemic, and the next mayor will need a bold vision for getting folks back to work and restarting our economy. But even before the pandemic, most New Yorkers did not have access to all of the benefits of the strongest economy in the world. As we recover from this crisis, we must ensure that our new economy has a higher standard for helping all New Yorkers get ahead,” said NYC Mayoral Candidate Shaun Donovan. “We need a city committed to using its power and resources to ensure a fair playing field for everyone; where everyone has a fair chance at a life of dignity; where everyone can earn a decent living, build a business, and test their talents and ambitions; and where businesses thrive—in every neighborhood and every borough. With this plan we can make that happen, and happen quickly.”

The platform emphasizes collaboration across all sectors and stakeholders of the city’s economy, commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts, and leadership in innovation through investment in the important, growing sectors of life sciences and climate adaptation.

Highlights of the platform include:

  • Rebuilding the tourism and nightlife sectors by working hand-in-hand with industry partners and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), investing in arts and culture, and launching promotional campaigns aimed first at locals, then regional, international, and business travelers.
  • Creating the largest comprehensive skills-based training program in the country, aligned with sectors where middle-income job growth is greatest and building on the rich experience of our city’s employers and unions.
  • Establishing a NYC Jobs Corps, which will give young people and shut-out workers opportunities at employment, provide customized, on-the-job experience, and build on local efforts like the CUNY Service Corps by bringing together the public, private, philanthropic, and academic sectors.
  • Launch Equity Corporate Commitments to drive substantially greater Black, Latinx, and Asian job participation in high-wage and middle-income work through collaboration with the city’s largest employers and guidance from the city’s new Chief Equity Officer.
  • Driving large-scale investments in expanding the life sciences sector in New York City, including the establishment of a free-standing, fully-endowed research center in Upper Manhattan and a life sciences hub in the Bronx anchored in robust job training and clear pathways to employment for residents.
  • Leading in climate adaptation and jobs through alignment of workforce training with skills required for the Clean Buildings Transformation, clarification of regulatory frameworks for buildings’ climate adaptation investments, and incentivization of private investment in the wind power generation sector.

A Donovan administration would be committed to providing every New Yorker a real opportunity to participate and thrive in our city’s economy. The extensive platform for getting New Yorkers to work was lauded by leaders closest to our city’s economic issues.

“Shaun Donovan’s plan for getting New Yorkers back to work and reviving our economy really goes directly to the heart of the multiple challenges that New Yorkers currently and historically have faced,” said Lloyd Williams, President and CEO of The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce. “Focused on the present, as well as the future, in my view, Shaun has put together a comprehensive platform that prioritizes giving people the skills to enter quality paying jobs today while simultaneously strengthening key NYC industries for the future.”

“Shaun Donovan and I have worked together at the city and national level to craft deals and policies that really helped workers. Every time, Shaun displayed an unwavering dedication to the people on the ground making things run–and with this plan, he’s done it again,” said Mike Fishman, Climate Activist, Former SEIU Secretary-Treasurer and Campaign Chair. “Shaun knows how to not only create jobs, but to advocate for workers and make sure their jobs are stable, pay well, and lead to even greater opportunity. He has shown both in the past and through this plan that he intends on learning from the efforts of labor organizations and bringing all interests to the table to craft the strongest plan for the future. I trust him to look out for all New Yorkers.”

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